​​​​​​​Billions of $'s, €'s and £'s are lost each year by companies not managing indirect taxes - VAT/GST/HST- properly and effectively. The cost of overpaid and unrecovered taxes sinks straight to the bottom line and immediately drains  cashflow. Managing indirect tax obligations continues to be an ongoing challenge for businesses. Continual legislative changes and updates, coupled with the challenges faced by growth, make it very difficult for companies to stay ahead of the game, particularly where multiple jurisdictions are involved.   

​Let our handpicked team of experts help you beat the VAT/GST/HST, and other indirect tax challenges.

​We provide all VAT/GST/HST and sales tax services including:


  • ​​Legal structure and VAT/GST efficiency analysis
  • Compliance and Registration services and assessments
  • Assisting with tax authority audits and communication
  • Recovery of recoverable indirect taxes
  • ​Client staff training

We can't service thousands of clients - nor do we want to. Those we service get our unparalleled personal attention. Our clients aren't just case studies 

Our Risk Mitigation services have helped multiple clients identify and rectify areas of commodity tax exposure eliminating potential liabilities, penalties and interest charges. Our knowledge, methodology and experience in these areas will help boost your company's profitability and enhance your cashflow.

5. Accounts Payables Review and Analytics
Be sure your company is paying ONLY what they it should be. Our Accounts Payable review identifies any areas of overpayment

3. Advisory Services​

Bring us your questions - we are happy to help

How We Can  Help You

1. Compliance

​​We can help with projects big and small to ensure you're on the right side of legislation

​​​​​Ensuring clients  minimize INDIRECT TAX  costs,enhancing


2. Recovery and Realization 

​Let us guide your organization to the credits available​​

4. Audit Defense

We'll help you defend your position

 if an assessment arrives

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​​​​​Ensuring clients  minimize INDIRECT TAX  costs,enhancing