Litvin Muir is a Canadian-controlled, Canadian operated company. Our team of hand picked experts have extensive experience in Canadian and Global Commodity Taxes. Whether supporting clients through the audit and assessment process, research and client support, compliance services and recovery, our team treats each client with the personalized support that only a boutique firm can offer. We recognize each client's uniqueness and adapt our proven techniques to accomodate their specific needs.  We ensure  the highest level of professionalism and service. Our reputation is exemplary and is why we enjoy an extremely high level of client loyalty. Our clients include Global, International and National entities. 

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​Our team have all worked with clients of various sizes in a vast array of industries, including companies on the Forbes list. Our clients include Global Multi-Nationals, American, European, Australian  and Canadian businesses. We have helped clients streamline their commodity tax processes, saving them millions of $'s in the process. We have helped multiple clients avoid unnecessary penalties by guiding them through correcting compliance issues. Our list of client success in winning assessment objections is impressive.


Here at Litvin Muir , we are dedicated to providing a service that will enhance your bottom line.

​​​​​Our 10-step tax review process, adapted to individual client's profile,  ensures that each client receives the attention that they deserve.  We are professional accountants that have experienced success in recovering monies in a wide-range of industries and organization types.  Let us show you how!

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