Reclaiming duty puts cash directly into your business. We have the specialized duty drawback expertise and proprietary tools to maximize your Drawback refunds.

We offer a free consultation to determine if the possibility of duty recovery exists. For potential duty drawbacks, our recovery specialists  work with you to determine the methodology to be used to maximize your claim. Each drawback claim involves a very detailed analysis of your imports and exports and the collection of supporting documentation, all within complex legislation and strict regulations. There is minimal disruption to your workplace. Fees are charged on a contingency basis, hence there are no direct costs to prepare and submit a Duty Drawback claim.

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Customs Duty Drawback

The Duty drawback program allows companies to claim refunds of duties paid on imported merchandise that is subsequently exported. Whether the merchandise is in the same condition as when imported or processed/assembled into a finished article that is then exported, it is eligible for the program

Only a small percentage of duty paid to the government, eligible for the program is drawn back. Many companies simply do not know that they are able to reclaim duty or know how to go about it.