​​​​​​Billions of $'s, €'s and £'s are lost each year by companies not managing indirect taxes - VAT/GST/HST- properly and effectively. The cost of overpaid and unrecovered taxes sinks straight to the bottom line and immediatelydrains  cashflow. Managing indirect tax obligations continues to be an ongoing challenge for businesses. Continual legislative changes and updates, coupled with the challenges faced by growth, make it very difficult for companies to stay ahead of the game, particularly where multiple jurisdictions are involved.   

Our handpicked team of experts have indentified and recovered $million's for client's, some in the top tiers of the Fortune 500 listings, Global Organizations, Multinational Corporations, international airlines  and national entities.

Our tried and tested Right​Tax Review identifies areas of leakage, overpayment, under recovery of VAT/GST/HST, and gaps in legislative knowledge. Our team accumulate the evidence, information and support to guarantee a seamless process of realizing these recoveries and turning them into CASH......... improving CASHFLOW and the BOTTOM LINE.

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