Audit Assistance

Commodity Tax audits can be extremely time consuming, distracting and cumbersome to experience. Our experts have enviable track records assisting clients navigate through the audit process. Our experience determines the most efficient information necessary to be provided to tax authorities and the formats that work best for auditors. THis results in minimal audit queries and interruptions.

Advisory and Research Services

Our technical experts have the knowledge, experience and know-how, to navigate the volumes of legislation, memoranda, technical guides and commentary to ensure that you consider all aspects when researching commodity tax issues. Let our department do the research for you, or use us as a sounding board for your research.

Realisation of Commodity Tax Entitlements

Whether it is preparing, processing and submitting duty drawback, off-road fuel tax refunds or aviation fuel refund claims, our experienced personnel will ensure that the claims are prepared to maximum entitlement. We will analize all relevant information to determine the optimum approach for claim preparation and presentation. Our claims are prepared in formats that have been approved by the relevant authorities and are easily navigated by the authorities, ensuring minimal questions. This ensures that the time between submitting claims and receiving the refunds is kept to an absolute minimum.

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Recoveries of Overpaid Commodity Taxes  

We've recovered multimillions of $'s, €'s and £'s of overpaid commodity taxes for clients from multiple tax authorities.  The recoveries and savings go straight to the bottom line  and most often turn into immediate cashflow. We customize our proven RightTax review to individual client needs and situations.  The review regularly results in enhanced processes that prevent similar issues from occuring  or recurring.

Our Services

Ruling Requests

Let us help prepare ruling requests for you, be it Federal or Provincial. Our technical experts have the experience and know-how to provide the tax authorities exactly what they need for rulings, eliminating time-consuming questions and queries.