LITVINMUIR's ​Risk Free Guarantee

Our fees are billed as a percentage of what we recover, so there is absolutely zero cost to businesses if no money is recovered. There is also zero risk associated with having recovery services performed. While VAT and sales tax rates vary from region to region, on average, we've been able to help save companies 20% of their travel expenses. 

The VAT incurred on travel expenses can be returned to you. These expenses include Hotel Stays, Conference Fees, Exhibition Fees, Trade Show Fees, Car Rental and Food, along with any other travel expense incurred. All of these expenses include VAT which can be  recouped. The  LM Taxback Process removes the burden of navigating through VAT recovery and dealing with tax authorities, helping get back the money that's rightfully yours. 

The laws, regulations and application procedures that govern these returns are complex, and vary between different jurisdictions. Due to the complicated recovery process, many businesses choose to ignore these returns, leading to a loss of profit. The LM Taxback Process ensures that businesses receive the full benefit of recovering these tax and VAT expenses without having to invest any of their own time, money, or human capital, making the process easy and painless. 

Travel VAT Recovery Opportunities